Package com.mebigfatguy.polycasso

Interface Summary
ImageGeneratedListener an interface that interested parties should implement if they wish to be informed when a new best image has been found.
ImageGenerator interface that generates test images iteratively looking for the best image that matches a target.
Saver describes how the polygon data is to be save to a file in any one of a number of formats

Class Summary
AboutDialog a simple dialog that's a typical application about box information
DefaultImageGenerator class that generates test images iteratively looking for the best image that matches a target.
DoubleDocument a Document model class for text components to only allow integer values
Feedback an immutable class for processing a test image against target image for closeness.
FileSelector a class for picking a save as file name given the specified file type
GenerationHandler class that maintains the set of polygon data for this generation of images
GenerationHandler.Member class that holds a sample set of polygons and it's score
ImageCompleter a class that transforms the current best polygon representation to the real image thru a time lapse blend transformation of the images
ImageGeneratedEvent an event object that is fired when a new test image has been found that is the best so far.
ImageSizer ensures that the fetching of the width or height of an image will always return a non negative number
ImprovementTypeStats a class to keep track of success statistics by improvement type, in order to further tune what improvement types to try in the future.
Improver a class that applies various improvement attempts to a polygon, attempts to prioritize which algorithms to pick based on what has worked in the past, as well as priorities which polygons have had success being transformed.
IntegerDocument a Document model class for text components to only allow positive integer values
JavaSaver generates a java source code that draws the image with polygons in a JFrame
PainterFrame the main window for showing the image as it is being improved on.
PainterPanel the panel that holds the image considered to be the best representation of the target image so far.
PNGSaver generates a png file from the set of polygons
Polycasso the main web start application class
PolycassoBundle manages the resource bundle properties file for this application
PolygonData a class for holding the information for one polygon, including points, color and alpha level.
RandomImageFinder finds an image on the web to try to draw with polygons
Settings a simple java bean holding settings that are used to control how Polycasso runs
SettingsDialog a simple dialog to allow for the editing of various settings used to control how Polycasso works.
SVGSaver generates an svg file from the set of polygons
URLFetcher manages downloading data from a url

Enum Summary
FileType an enum that represents possible save-as types
ImprovementResult an enum that describes the result of an attempted improvement on an image
ImprovementType an enumeration of all the different improvement types that an ImageGenerator can attempt to make to an image.

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